About Home From India

My fascination with Indian jewelry and home goods began during our family trips to India during my childhood. Shopping in India was a completely different experience from what I knew in the U.S. I was amazed by the selection of intricate, handmade items that my mom, sister and I would find in very small shops, often hidden on narrow side streets…I can honestly say that the seed for this business was planted during those trips!

I began Home From India to offer truly unique items to those who love fine craftsmanship, as well as the history behind the art. We work with artisans throughout India to source our products, which reflect the skill of those who create them. Just as the food, customs and languages vary from region to region within India, so do the various crafting techniques. Many art forms date back thousands of years, with craftspeople passing their skills from generation to generation.

We are proud to serve you, while supporting talented artisans and their communities throughout India!