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Many of us love the idea of frequently changing our décor, but sometimes this is easier said than done. Let’s say you have recently tiled a feature wall with a glass tile that is gorgeous and pricey. Let’s also say that one year later, you’re tired of the look and all of the maintenance involved. It’s unlikely that you or your spouse are going to love the idea of tearing out this expensive investment and dealing with all of the dust and debris that comes along with it. If you make a décor decision that involves something rather permanent, like tile, make sure to choose a material that is timeless and neutral (like white subway tile) so that you will not tire of it quickly.

But if you are craving something a little jazzy for a feature wall in your house (or any area of your house in general) and don’t want something permanent, there are definitely options that allow you to express yourself (and to change that expression when the mood strikes)! These options are also great for renters who cannot make permanent changes to their space. 

One of my favorite ideas for highlighting a wall is Graham & Brown’s pre-pasted beadboard wallpaper. I had this product in my home on a half wall that supports a breakfast bar. It was easy to hang and paint, and more importantly, it looked like actual beadboard. It has a foamy material in it to give it dimension, so unless someone actually pushes on the wallpaper, they would never know that it’s not true wood beadboard. I learned that it’s also easy to remove – unfortunately, we had termites in that half wall (from moisture around the kitchen sink’s drain line), so I had to remove the wallpaper in order for the exterminator to cut into the wall and treat the soil. It basically just peeled right off. Any residual glue came off with a bit of glass cleaner. Next time, I’ll try using vinegar instead. After the wall was repaired, I did repaint it and noticed a very faint glue bleed-through in certain spots from the paper I removed. I probably should have used a good primer before I repainted, which probably would have prevented the bleed through. I definitely plan to use this paper again, most likely in my half bath, like Kate did here.

I wouldn’t recommend this type of wallpaper for a humid location, like a full bath, or for high traffic areas where it can get banged up. After all, it is paper and foam and it will tear if you’re too rough on it. Don’t limit this great product to walls though – you can also use it on the backs of bookshelves or on inset cupboard doors. Use your imagination!

Removable adhesive products, like good old mounting putty, are also great for non-committal decorating. How did I use it? To create some makeshift picture frame moulding in a bathroom. Please excuse the fact that I need to paint the frames and still paint the lower half of the wall with the trim color in order for it to look more like true picture frame moulding.

But the point here is that these empty (no glass or backing) picture frames (that I purchased for a bargain at the craft store) have been hanging on this wall for more than two years with simple mounting putty. Despite the humid environment, they have stayed put. And if I decide that I don’t want them there anymore, I can simply peel off the removable putty with no damage to the wall. I love that!

Do you remember this post on DIY mirror frames? In the same bathroom shown above, I used Glue Dots to hold the foam door hanger mirror frame in place. (You can see a glimpse of another wall with the “picture frame moulding” in the mirror’s reflection in the picture below.) So if I decide to remove the mirror frame, it’s as easy as rolling the glue dots off of the mirror, and removing any adhesive residue with vinegar.

These are just a few ideas for easily changeable décor. Do you have some great tricks for adding removable style to your home? We’d love to hear about it in the comments. Don’t forget that one of the easiest forms of changeable décor is accent pillows. Look here for a beautiful, affordable selection.

NOTE: Use caution and common sense when hanging any objects. I do not have any affiliation with any products or companies (except Home From India) mentioned in this post. I just like these products!
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