The Power of Paint

Posted by Sheela Cooper

Ah, paint. A humble magician in a can that can transform the ugly, the discarded, and the overlooked into pieces that anyone would be proud to own. If you read any DIY blogs, you have undoubtedly seen many pieces of furniture or numerous decorative items that have been plucked from the brink of death and resuscitated with paint. And not just typical latex or oil paint – the options now include chalk paint, clay paint, milk paint, and spray paint. And let’s not forget the magic of Rub ‘n Buff! (Not actually a paint, but a wax-based pigmented product that transforms anything from frames to vases with a lovely metallic patina.)

I’d like to share some before and afters to inspire you, and also give you a few tips to make your painting experience as smooth (pun intended!) as possible.
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Ikea RAST Hack: Wood + Faux Zinc Tutorial

My sister Sheela just did an amazing hack on the Ikea RAST dresser. Here’s the step-by-step tutorial:

Posted by Sheela Cooper:

Perhaps this post should be titled, “The Little RAST that Could.” If you’ve made a few rounds through home décor blogs, you have most likely come across an Ikea RAST dresser hack. It’s amazing how versatile this little $35 pine dresser really is, and even more amazing is the amount of creativity that talented DIYers put into making these dressers unique and upscale.

I decided the RAST would be the perfect size for nightstands in our room, since our existing ones were old and far too low for our pillowtop bed. So with a bit of work, the dressers went from looking like this, to this:

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