Ikea RAST Hack: Wood + Faux Zinc Tutorial

My sister Sheela just did an amazing hack on the Ikea RAST dresser. Here’s the step-by-step tutorial:

Posted by Sheela Cooper:

Perhaps this post should be titled, “The Little RAST that Could.” If you’ve made a few rounds through home décor blogs, you have most likely come across an Ikea RAST dresser hack. It’s amazing how versatile this little $35 pine dresser really is, and even more amazing is the amount of creativity that talented DIYers put into making these dressers unique and upscale.

I decided the RAST would be the perfect size for nightstands in our room, since our existing ones were old and far too low for our pillowtop bed. So with a bit of work, the dressers went from looking like this, to this:

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