Can Cabinet Hardware Change Your Life?

Posted by Sheela Cooper:

Of course it can! Perhaps not in an earth-shattering way, but it can certainly beautify your space, make you smile, and in turn, change your life! And it goes beyond your cupboards and drawers – cabinet hardware has several “out of the box” uses that can not only make your space more beautiful, but also more functional.

Thanks to the creativity of today’s designers, we are no longer stuck with just nickel, brass, bronze, or wood cabinet knobs. There are numerous colorful options, including hand-painted, glass, and ceramic that can brighten up your space and transform an everyday drawer or cupboard door into something with character. Here’s a drawer with a fun, colorful knob:


See how nicely it ties in with the surrounding colors? The striped knob is definitely an eye catcher, but it’s fine to mix the more colorful knobs with some understated knobs (like oil rubbed bronze or nickel) to bring balance to the room, like this:

Not long ago, my husband and I purchased an antique art deco buffet to house our television. It came with the original Bakelite pull, but the pull had dulled over the years and didn’t highlight the true beauty of the wood. 

 In a non-traditional move, I replaced the pull with two knobs from Home From India, and here’s the result:

We love it! These knobs add just enough “new” character while allowing the original elegance of the piece to shine. Renters can really customize their space inexpensively with new cabinet hardware. If you rent, you may feel limited in what you can do to your rental house or apartment since most landlords don’t allow painting, wallpaper, etc. But cabinet hardware offers you a temporary way to add color and personality to a rental property and allows you to take your investment with you when you leave. As long as you don’t drill any new holes in the cabinets or drawers, you’ll have no problems with your landlord when you move out (as long as you replace the old hardware before you leave!).

Cabinet knobs definitely inspire a host of creative projects that can help your home stay organized. Here’s an example of a medal holder I created, but it can also be used for jewelry (it’s great for keeping necklaces in one tangle-free spot). It looks beautiful on the wall while adding truly functional organizational space.

Larger knobs on a wood backing would make a great towel or coat holder. Smaller knobs attached to a piece of cork could make lovely bottle stoppers.  I’ve even added colorful knobs to the front of a storage coffee table to give it some added pizzazz (just in case the eggplant color wasn’t enough!):


Your imagination is truly the limit on how cabinet hardware can enhance and brighten your living space. Visit Home From India for a beautiful selection of unique cabinet hardware today!

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