Sew Easy Halloween Treat Bags

Posted by Sheela Cooper

I know that Halloween is less than a week away, but these bags are so easy to sew that there really is time to make them! If you want to make some goody bags for parties or just for fun, these little bags are perfect, and you can even use up some of your scrap stash.

I began with some white scrap fabric – it’s actually the bottom of some Ikea curtains that were cut because they were too long. See, it really does pay to save those scraps! (The material I used is very thin. If I were buying material, I would use basic white muslin. It’s inexpensive and has a nice weight for a bag.) I folded the fabric in half to a width of 6”. I chose to cut the bag 10” long, for a finished size of about 5 ½ ” x 9 ½ ”. But you can make the bag any size you’d like. Because of the fold, I only had to sew two sides to make the bag. I used a straight stitch and a ½” seam allowance.

When you’re done sewing the straight stitches, zigzag your seams or use pinking shears to prevent fraying. I just used pinking shears since these are meant to be light-use bags. Turn your bag right side out and trim the top with pinking shears to prevent fraying and provide a cute design to the top.
Now for the really fun part – use Halloween-themed rubber stamps to decorate your bag. Use as many as you’d like, depending on the look you’re going for. I just used one pumpkin stamp and a standard stamp pad. I think I got the stamp at a craft store for about $1, and the stamp pad I’ve had for years. I placed a card between the front and back of the bag so the ink wouldn’t bleed through, like this:

Now all you have to do is fill the bag with treats, tie it with some twine or string, and share it with some lucky friends. See, I told you it was easy! You can easily customize the bags with names too. Just use a fabric pen or Sharpie marker.

And the bonus is that when they bag is empty, you can put a little bit of polyester stuffing in the bag, tie it, turn it upside down, and use it as a ghost! Now that’s a lot of function for a bag with two seams that takes about 10 minutes total to sew. 
Are you ready to make some fun Halloween treat bags? We’d love to see links to pictures of your bags. Happy Halloween!
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